Ansal Group of Companies : In the second half of the past century the name ‘Ansals’ has been synonymous with the entire range of civil construction and real estate development activity in India and abroad. Ansals remain the pioneers and introducers of the concept of high rise commercial complexes in Delhi and the Group has marched on an unhindered and unabated path in changing the skyline of not only Delhi – the capital of India – but subsequently of several other cities of India and abroad.  Through its vibrant operating divisions, Ansals have always been able to ensure and foster excellence in all their works. Ansal Group, as on date, comprises of 35 companies.  The main flagship companies are Ansal Properties & Industries Ltd, Ansal Housing & Construction Ltd. & Ansal Buildwell Ltd. All the three companies are largely held public limited companies, sharing prosperity with their proud shareholders, customers, investors and others.  The Group is proud of its accomplishments, which have contributed towards its maintaining the ‘numero uno’ position in their sphere of activities.  It also gives us the confidence to march ahead in nation building activity.
Management & People : Ansal Group is fortunate in having a highly progressive and professional approach which is aimed at result orientation and is based on latest technology and management techniques.  The Group employs a human resource of over 5000 persons with over 1000 people manning the supervisory and managerial positions.  These professionals form an effective pool of talent and expertise drawn from various fields such as Engineering, architecture, structural engineering, construction, information technology, management information systems, marketing, finance, exports and other management disciplines.
Workload and Turnover : Ansals have won the goodwill of the investors both in India and overseas, with their commitment to excellence, expertise and professionalism.  Today Ansal Group’s yearly turnover is around Rs.350 Crores & its multiple projects in hand exceed Rs.3200 Crores.  The nature of projects span the gamut of construction activity and include high-tech areas.
Real Estate Promotion & Development : Over the years Ansals have expanded their activities from Estate Development to high value construction areas.  Our major landmarks include commercial building like Amba Deep, Antriksh Bhawan, Tolstoy House, Indra Prakash, Prakash Deep, Ansal Bhawan and dozens of other high rise buildings in India and abroad.  The decade of 80s and beginning of 90s saw Ansals establishing townships at Palam Vihar and Sushant Lok I, II, & III – south of Delhi, Aashiana at Lucknow, Ansal Vihar at Bombay, Krishna – I, Garden Mansion and Casa Ansal at Bangalore, Neelpadam Kunj at Vaishali and Chiranjiv Vihar at Ghaziabad, Anand Dham at Haridwar, Lake view Enclaveat Bhopal, a Plaza a prime commercial complex at Andrewsgunj and a 5-Star Hotel complex at Saket, New Delhi.
Environmental Upgradation : By afforestation of a vast and bare hill side at Aravali, Ansals have developed it into  little paradise on earth.  The transformation has not restricted itself only to an abode of flowering plants, healthy trees, green meadows, but also wildlife and bird sanctuaries, manmade lakes, etc., which provide grandeur to the Aravali Retreat.  Ansal’s other farm projects viz., Pushpanjali Farms, the Palam Farms, the Golden Orchards, the Mughal Orchards, and the Vilas Manjari Farms indeed have lots of green which acts as ‘lungs for the city to breathe’.
High-Tech Construction Contracts : Ansal’s various projects of national importance which have been completed and handed over for commissioning include the Baner Hydel Project, Sardar Sarover Narmada  Nigam Ltd. (one of the largest cement concrete lined canal of Asia) by using latest Hi-Tech paving technologies.  Thoubal multipurpose project in Manipur which will light up a million homes and irrigate agriculture vast land masses in progress.  In year 1999, Ansals have bagged the Construction Contract of R & D Centre for Department of Telematics, Ministry of Telecommunications, Government of India.  The project is located in village Chatterpur, New Delhi.  Besides this a road upgradation project in Assam has also been awarded to Ansals.
Other Construction Contracts : In the field of high tech civil construction, Ansal Engineering Projects Ltd., Ansal Buildwell Ltd. & Ansal Housing & Estates Pvt. Ltd. has successfully secured entry for the Group in the diversified field of irrigation, construction of express ways, viaducts for railways, power houses, tunnels and other civil engineering projects demanding high degree of skill and expertise.  Ansal Engineering Projects Ltd. has also entered into technical collaboration agreements with number of multinational companies which would enable them to secure Hi-Tech business in the neighbouring countries and thus earn valuable Foreign Exchange for the country.
Design, Engineering and Consultancy : The Group endeavoured self sufficiency on Design, Engineering and Consultancy.  Ansals have in house some of the best architects, engineers and planners in its consultancy division.  With their long-standing reputation for creative building and design coupled with the professional expertise in art, architecture and town planning, they have been usefully engaged in providing consultancy and management services to various projects in India and overseas.  Ansals do not hesitate to seek external expertise in specialised areas in the self development activities such as Hotels and Plazas.  Ansals have bagged an architectural consultancy contract for construction of VVIP and VIP block of C.N. Centre of All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi.
Hospitality Division : Ansal’s foresight does not restrict them to professionalise & grow in the business that they are in, but also gives them the confidence to expand its horizon.  With the induction of qualified professionals, the group has plans of forward integration and is now venturing into new areas such as the Hospitality business.  Forays into Hotels, Serviced Apartments, clubotels & clubs are a part of this exercise.  New Delhi Marriott Hotel is in advanced stage of completion.  The Group has drawn up an impressive plan to have Chancellor Clubs and resorts at all major housing colonies developed by the Group.  These clubs will have all the modern amenities and facilities from swimming pools to tennis courts & have Health Clubs.  Three such clubs namely Chancellor Club, Palam Vihar; Chancellor Club, Neel Padam Kunj; & Chancellor Club; Aashiana, Lucknow are today operational.
International Trading : Ansals are actively diversifying into international trade and are exporting a variety of items from India to the CIS countries, Bangladesh, Singapore and other countries.
Social Commitment : Ansals recognise the right to housing for everyone and offer full support to Government’s schemes for economically weaker sections by building houses or providing developed lands to less privileged sections of the society at highly subsidised rates.
Ansals Institute for learning like the Gyan Bharati School in Delhi and Chiranjiv Bharati School at Palam Vihar & Sushant Lok-South of Delhi & Aashiana at Lucknow and Ansal Institute of Technology of which Sushant School of Art & Architecture is a part, are today’s reputed seats of learning, nurturing the intellectual health of the society’s youth.
Outlook : It is a commitment of the Group to carry their technical and management expertise to smaller towns so that on one hand the congestion in the urban metropolis could be avoided and on the other hand the benefit of planned development with its attendant improvement in the lifestyle could be ensured to the bulk of the Indian population living in smaller towns.  Towards this end, a beginning has already been made by taking up real estate projects in other smaller cities. It is also proposed to build exclusive NRI colonies and diversify further into Hotels and other Tourism intensive Areas.  The group, in keeping with the Government’s housing policy, is endeavouring to provide better dwelling units for the urban poor with special emphasis on environment and social forestry.  Hi-tech construction of turn-key projects will continue t be a thrust area.  In the final esssence Ansals will continue to build globally for people’s welfare.
Our Mission : It is our mission not only to house homeless and achieve difficult engineering feats by building beautiful edifices and landmarks for prosperity but also to grow and progress without sacrficing basic and real values of life.  We believe in sustainable development and construction to provide lasting contribution towards a healthy, happy and wholesome quality of life for the people of the world.

Overseas Operations of Ansal Group

In IRAQ the Group has completed five important projects consisting of the following 
Grain Silos for Ministry of Food (60 metres high)
SAAD-3 Project for Ministry of Defence (45, 000 sq.mtrs.), under State Organisation for Technical Industries.
Car Park (50,000 sq. mtrs) & Office (50,000 sq. mtrs.) for Ammanat Al Assima (Municipality of Baghdad) Iraq.
Saddam Medical College Building, Al Rasssafi Square Commercial Complex and Baghdad. Palace finishing works.
Residence for Dy. Prime Minister of Iraq on the Riverfront.
In Thailand group has already completed following projects
Fairview Tower – 26 storeys and 32,000 sq. mtrs
Prestige Tower – 26 storeys and 35000 sq. mtrs
Hotel Attrium – 600 rooms, 90000 sq. mtrs.
Palm Court serviced Apartmenta – 18 storeys & 19000 sq. mtrs.
Baan Suan Lalana – Residential – Condominium – 18 blocks
Baan Sukh Saan Serviced Apartments – 8 storeys with 89 flats
Most of the projects have been taken up by Maxwin Ansal Ltd, which is a joint venture of Ansals and Maxwin Construction Co. Ltd, of Thailand.
In RUSSIA, Ansals started their overseas marketing operations in the erstwhile USSR way back in 1986 and concluded a contract with SOYUZUNSHSTROJ-IMPORT for construction of 800 bed hotel at a cost of Rs.100 crores (52,000 sq. mtrs) in St. Petersburg in the year 1990. After political changes and break-up of erstwhile Soviet Union, this project was foreclosed by the clients after paying compensation to Ansals.

Ansals bagged two more contracts for Hotel Projects in Russian Republic at Pskov (330 beds) & Novgorod (330 beds+renovation of 120 beds).  These projects had also to be suspended midway as the Intourist Group could not arrange finances required to finish the projects.

Ansal Engineering Projects Ltd, has also secured contracts worth US$ 10 million for World Bank Aided highway construction in BANGLADESH under stiff international competition.  The projects have partly been completed, handed over and commissioned and partly are nearing completion and handing over.
Ansal Housing & Construction Ltd. very recently has entered the real estate market of SRI-LANKA,  as their first venture to explore market of SAARC Countries.
Likely Expansions
Ansals shortly are starting it first housing project in Kathmandu, Nepal.

 Ansal Group

Ansal Properties & Industries Ltd
115, Ansal Bhawan, 16,
Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi – 110 001
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Ansal Hotels Ltd.
1111, Ansal Bhawan, 16
Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi – 110 001
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Ansal Housing & Construction Ltd
15, UGF, “Indra Prakash” 21,
Barakhamba Road, New Delhi – 110 001
Phone No. 3352063-67
Fax No. 011-3350847
Star Estates Management Ltd.
115, Ansal Bhawan, 16
Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi – 110 001
Phone No. 3318093
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Ansal Buildwell Ltd.
118, UFF, “Prakash Deep”
7, Tolstoy Marg, New Delhi – 110 001
Phone No. 3353051, 3353052
Fax No. 011-3310639
Sunrise Management & Estate (P) Ltd.
110, “Indra Prakash” 21,
Barakhamba Road, New Delhi – 110001
Phone No. 3731169
Ansal Club Limited
110, Indra Prakash, 21,
Bharakhamba Road, New Delhi – 110 001
Phone No. 3311142
“Rigoss” Exports International Pvt. Ltd.
118, UFF, “Prakash Deep” 7, Tolstoy Marg,
New Delhi – 110 001
Phone No. 3718839, 3353051
Fax No. 011-3738522
Ansal Engineering Projects Ltd.
1st Floor, Statesman House,
148, Barakhamba Road 
New Delhi – 110 001
Phone No. 3352526, 3718278
Fax No. 011-3352526
“Rigoss” Estates Network Pvt. Ltd.
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New Delhi – 110 001
Phone No. 3313172, 3353051
Fax No. 011-3310630
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